Bivona, in the Agrigento province, is located on the green and picturesque valley of the Magazzolo river, nestled between Castello Lake and the rocky peak of Roses Mountain, just a few tens of kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea. The origin of Bivona dates back to 1160, at the time of the Arab-Norman domination; between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries Bivona is one of the major feudal town of Sicily and it was the first to be named duchy by Charles V, in 1554, when the same emperor gave to the town the title of City. Because of its position, through downy oak woods, Mediterranean pinewoods, streams and grasslands, Bivona is the institutional headquarters of Sicani Regional Natural Park; fauna, in particular avifauna, is rich and interesting, typical of the hilly Mediterranean hinterland. Bivona has an agricultural economy and it is known for cultivation of the renowned peach called Pescabivona IGP (Protected Geographical Indications). Culturally lively, Bivona is the City of music: numerous concerts and events are organized by the local music school “G. Lo Nigro”, that involves many young musicians. Bivona has an ancient and particular food and culinary tradition which derives from its Arabic heritage. Among streets and squares of the ancient medieval village, the atmosphere is full of mystery, ancient Sicilian traditions, peacefulness and naturalness.

"Bivona – One Euro Houses" project aims to restore and improve buildings located in the Bivona Old Town, bringing it back to its historical function of life and culture center; the project also wants to enhance housing settlement of families, tourist activities, commercial businesses or craft shops. One Euro Houses are uninhabited and in bad conditions; they are owned by private citizens who have no interest in restoring these buildings. The houses are sold to buyers at the symbolic amount of 1 euro. The Municipality of Bivona is the guarantee of compliance with the provisions set out in the "Bivona – One Euro Houses" Rules, but it  does not intervene in negotiations between sellers and buyers. Those who buy a "Bivona - 1 euro house"  have some commitments:

-          preparing and registering the restoring executive project, in compliance with the provisions of the current building rules of the Municipality, within and no later than three months from the signing of the deed of sale

-          bearing the costs, none excluded, connected to the change of ownership of the building

-          starting works within 1 year from the date of issue of the building permit or other necessary building title and finishing works no later than three years from the start

-          Municipality requests to stipulate a € 2,500 surety policy for a period of three years to guarantee the purchaser's security.

Buyers can send a specific request to the following address, Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo. , declaring its availability to purchase the house at the price of 1 euro. All useful documents can be downloaded from the home page of the institutional site of the Municipality of Bivona ( or from the facebook site (Città di Bivona).

REAL ESTATE INTERMEDIATION AGENCY : MY HOUSE e-mail Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo. TEL +3909229870848 - +393388609968


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